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Same wine in the same bottle
February 10, 2006, 12:37 pm
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I am seeing the new offerings from Google – Desktop and Toolbar; as well as the (going-to-be) big daddy Live.com from Windows. Yahoo does not have anything new to offer. I do not know Yahoo’s plans but if you are not in the market you are slowly gone.

All such offerings from Yahoo as well as Google or Microsoft have everything in common. They are just the same. With Yahoo Messenger, bloatware is revisited.Live looks to be a clever thing. Maybe because they know the PC market more than anybody. A simple thing they have done in their “Live Favorites’ offering. In the options section, they have provide ‘Export’ facility. Why can not expect such a kind gesture from everybody else?

Expect least from Google. They are degrading the privacy policy from one version to the next.