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What I want from Google now?
April 14, 2006, 10:00 am
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Now Google has delivered a new age mail (Gmail ) and calendar (say, gcal) . Calendar lacks a lot of punches to beat even its Gmail for functions but we can live with it. Calendar application must have a to-do, list management to call it a calendar in first place. Google calendar lacks it.

What will we want Google to do with these applications now?

1. Merge these two to create a good environment for a trusted delivery and time management.

2. Integrate it with gtalk to offer alrms from gcal on the client. SMS is available now but only in limited regions and service providers.

3. Offer both of them on a Symbian S60 model. This could be a killer with a GtalkIn and GtalkOut.

4. Enhance Gmail rules management to include gcal to have a robust Business Rules Manager.

5. Create a neat workflow management system comprising Gmail, Gtalk, gcal that may beat all the MSExchange, Lotus Notes crowd and it will bring the same enterprise functionality to the masses. MSExchange, Lotus Notes etc. have been real suckers for a long time now.

6. Add a dash of GTD, Getting Things Done (a favorite passtime of all the bloggers). It is effective if done properly. I have tried Outlook plugin for GTD with good results.

I forgot Writely. I should not because Writely can be at the root of all this system and it can bring a complete document management system to the Google Free Enterprise.

While creating gcal it seems that it has looked at Yahoo Calendar for functionality. Truely speaking it sucks. Google should look at MSExchange, Notes for their future as this strategy will bring a real business to Google apart from the ubiquitous search ads.


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Very nice. Looking forward to o2win calendar. Wishing o2Win a huge success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sushmita

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